Easy way to wrap your image
in devices mockups

Pictofon saves you time

Create a picture wrapped in phone, tablet or monitor mockup in a matter of seconds using Pictofon online service.

How to create an image in device mockup:
  • Choose a mockup from our gallery;
  • Upload a picture;
  • Define a frame that should be displayed in the mockup;
  • Get resulting PNG file.

Working with mockups

Pictofon has a set of ready-to-use mockups. Just choose one from the list below, it's preview will show up in the preview area. Use filters to quickly find proper image.

Wrapping picture in mockup

Press " Upload" and select your image file. After it's loaded it will be displayed in the framing area. Red frame on the picture defines the area that will be displayed on the mockup screen. You can change that area by dragging it, the mockup will refresh automatically. By default the area proportions match the device screen but you can change it too — just drag one of the frame's sides.

Getting result

Press one of the buttons to get resulting image file. Each button generates picture of a different size: 100%, 50% or 25% from original mockup size. Enjoy quick and easy online mockup service.

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